Merry Christmas!

Christmas is my favourite time of the year because the little things people do – singing Christmas carols at the bus stop, voluntarily shovelling the sidewalk for one’s neighbours – make me smile. Or it could be the chocolates. Lots and lots of chocolates. On a random note, I just finished reading both The Tales of Beedle the Bard as well as the new PostSecret book (my friends have a wonderful knack of figuring out exactly what I want for Xmas/Bday, thanks!) I forgot to mention that I turned 18 amidst the exam season, jolly good!

Everyone’s probably enjoying xmas dinner, making long distance phone calls, watching holiday movies, or preparing to go to war Boxing Day and whatnot, so I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

QOTW: What presents did you get for Christmas?

My family followed the “tradition” of not getting each other anything, again.

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  1. XD

    Christmas carols are in now? I remember early December reading about people getting beaten up for singing them

    Hey, you got Beedle the Bard?! Congrats ^^ PostSecrets is amusing, eh?

    lol @ war. It’s so true. XD. It was even war at the gas station on the way to the stores. XD

    I got textbooks (for courses I’m not in) for Christmas. 😛

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