Dinnertime conversation at the Yu household.

Me: Hey Dad, did you know if you Google “Phoebe Yu” my blog will come up on the first page?
Dad: *puts down chopsticks* *walks over to computer and Googles* *stares in disbelief*

Dad: So do you have like a blog online where you keep your innermost thoughts?!
Me: uh… NO?!!! *shifty eyes*

Mum: How about you put some Chinese on one of your blogs and we can blog about UBC together!!

Family, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Also, Phoebe wishes everyone good luck on their exam revision (yes, REVISION, like what Hermione says in Harry Potter… )

Overhead on the Bus

Listening to: Music of the Night by Paul Potts


On the 480 UBC bus the other day, two guys were talking.

Guy 1: Hey have you ever noticed that in UBC, NO ONE EVER RUNS TO CLASS?!
Guy 2: Yea dude. Do YOU want to be the guy running like crazy?
Guy 1: Haha… well sometimes they do like these short sprints … for a block or so and then they stop because they realize they look like an idiot.

Wow, how amazingly true and accurate is this?! Personally, I absolutely hate showing up to class late so for the first week or so, I always did an odd combination of jogging and speedwalking when I had back-to-back classes in Buchanan and ICICS (south tip of campus, argh!). However, any time I did this I felt extremely out of place amongst the casually-strolling student population. In fact, I fully expected someone to come up to me and say “Where’s the fire?!”

Am I in the minority for being so self-conscious?

So the next time you have a break, stand at a busy location (the bookstore intersection is great) on the hour and observe the frantic decision-making that’s going on in the heads of students late for class.

How long will it take me to get to Econ if I speedwalk? Am I late? Should I run? Will I look like an idiot? Wait better question, will anyone NOTICE me looking like an idiot? Screw this I’m running… uh-oh uh-oh abnormally long scarf getting caught in boots… coffee spilling… INCOMING TREE!! WHAM.