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On the 480 UBC bus the other day, two guys were talking.

Guy 1: Hey have you ever noticed that in UBC, NO ONE EVER RUNS TO CLASS?!
Guy 2: Yea dude. Do YOU want to be the guy running like crazy?
Guy 1: Haha… well sometimes they do like these short sprints … for a block or so and then they stop because they realize they look like an idiot.

Wow, how amazingly true and accurate is this?! Personally, I absolutely hate showing up to class late so for the first week or so, I always did an odd combination of jogging and speedwalking when I had back-to-back classes in Buchanan and ICICS (south tip of campus, argh!). However, any time I did this I felt extremely out of place amongst the casually-strolling student population. In fact, I fully expected someone to come up to me and say “Where’s the fire?!”

Am I in the minority for being so self-conscious?

So the next time you have a break, stand at a busy location (the bookstore intersection is great) on the hour and observe the frantic decision-making that’s going on in the heads of students late for class.

How long will it take me to get to Econ if I speedwalk? Am I late? Should I run? Will I look like an idiot? Wait better question, will anyone NOTICE me looking like an idiot? Screw this I’m running… uh-oh uh-oh abnormally long scarf getting caught in boots… coffee spilling… INCOMING TREE!! WHAM.

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