Car-Free Vancouver Day

On Sunday June 14th, many areas of Vancouver went “car-free” for the day. On Main Street for example, instead of the usual congest one sees on the weekend, there was a street festival stretching a few dozen blocks. As a part of the Leave Out ViolencE campaign, I had a booth for PeerNetBC (non-profit organization that provides workshops and training for peer-led groups) near King Edward which was also next to a stage!

There were four or five booths beside the PeerNetBC one and it really goes to show how connected the non-profit/youth-led groups in Vancouver are! I knew the colleague of the guy who was there from Check Your Head (above). One of the Points Youth Media girl beside my booth (below) was the sister of this girl I knew from my organization. One table over, the girl participated in the My Circle program with my friend. And the City of Vancouver ladies two tables away I knew from Youthpolitik and also from presenting a workshop at City Hall a few months  ago. Wow!

For those of you who read the Vancouver 24 Hours newspaper, you probably have seen the cynical comments in “letter to the editor” about how useless Car-Free Vancouver is when it comes to reducing traffic and helping the environment. That part is true, in my opinion. I had to have one of my colleagues drive me over and park a block away to get the board there. A lot of people simply drove as close as possible and parked infront of someone’s lawn. However, I don’t think the value of a street festival-type event such as this should be measured by how much it helped the environment. I saw tons of kids and families there having a blast and I think it’s just a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Not only does it gives non-profit organizations a chance to showcase their services, but also lets merchants/performers promote their products/acts. It sort of adds a little culture and recognition to a city that sorely lacks it. I know I would’ve spent the day couped up at home if it wasn’t for Car-Free Vancouver.

QOTW: Do you think there should be future Car-Free Vancouver Day’s? Have you been to other street festivals?

New Job at the Chapman Learning Commons

On Saturday I had a full day of training and orientation in preparation for my new job as a Chapman Learning Commons (CLC) assistant. As I probably mentioned before, I refer to the CLC as my mini Hogwarts and it’s my absolute favourite student space on campus. During our tour of all the restricted no-student-allowed lounges and offices on Saturday, I learned a funny anecdote where a student came up to a staff here and asked, “Where’s the Harry Potter room?” The befuddled staff eventually realized that the student was referring to the portrait-filled Ridington Room on the 3rd floor of Irving K. Barber. Gorgeous, isn’t it? (Here’s another shot of the back of IKBLC in the snow)

Irving K. Barber Chapman Learning Commons

So I’ll be behind that counter on most afternoons, shrouded in a heavenly glow 😀 [edit] Ah, Mimi just mentioned that I neglected to mention more details about my job! So in addition to taking care of patrons who come with inquiries to the info booth, I attend workshops and work on several “programming” projects, ie. usually technology-oriented student-led initiatives like LEAP. See the Meebo chat on the right side of the LEAP website? The CLC Assistants also provide live help while on the job. There are so much more to it and I’m of course still exploring all the possibilities. COME SAY HI.

On a sidenote: 72 days until the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I’M EXCITED! MIDNIGHT RELEASE, WHOOO.

This is What I Do When I Get Bored in Irving

What happens when Phoebe spends a plethora of time in a dreary study room before midterms, with only markers and a whiteboard for company?

She draws (and talks in third person).


I think I should make it my personal mission to add a little pizzazz to the whiteboards on campus, many of whom are simply begging for the kind of nurture and attention only a colourful marker can give them.