Ask Me Anything

Nowadays, most of my time on campus is evenly divided between Buchanan and Irving K. Barber. Being in one area of campus for so long has almost made me forget all the little things that used to occupy my mind when I’m walking between classes.

For example, spotted at UBC, why are all the clocks in Henry Angus frozen at 2:37 PM? It’s been like that for an entire year and even though I’m sure there’s some mundane explanation for it like electricity shortage, I still like the eerie post-apocalyptic feel to it. And then there are the Greenpeace/Amnesty people standing at their strategic location asking people to sign things. Who came up with the clever idea? You see, people HAVE to go past them to walk from the Sub and Henry Angus!

Other questions that come to mind include…

Why are there five high school kids in Chapman every single day playing Warcraft for hours on end?

Did my Chinese class SERIOUSLY just went on a field trip to the beach, where the prof played the ACCORDION and led us in singing revolutionary Chinese songs?!

Is anyone else aware of the shelves upon shelves of BOARD GAMES in the basement of the Education library in Neville Scarfe? Whee!

So dear readers, for this blog post, feel free to ask me questions about ANYTHING you want in the comments! My life, my work, UBC, shopping, the Sauder school, the meaning of life, the list goes on…. I did this with IB Years before and it was quite fun. I’ll select the good ones and answer them as honestly as possible in a future post =D Ready? GO.

This is What I Do When I Get Bored in Irving

What happens when Phoebe spends a plethora of time in a dreary study room before midterms, with only markers and a whiteboard for company?

She draws (and talks in third person).


I think I should make it my personal mission to add a little pizzazz to the whiteboards on campus, many of whom are simply begging for the kind of nurture and attention only a colourful marker can give them.

Pop Culture, it’s What We Live For

You know you’ve been studying too much computer science when you hear the lyrics “there are only 2 kinds of people in the world” in Britney Spears’ Circus, and immediately correct it in your head to, “No, there are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t. Take that Britney.”

Midterm today.

And now, to borrow a concept from the website Overheard in New York: SPOTTED IN UBC.

SPOTTED IN THE SUB. Last Friday evening – five middle-aged men intensively playing a game of Yu-Gi-Oh cards next to the food court. I was tempted to stay and watch.

SPOTTED IN THE COMPSCI BUILDING. The day before Valentine’s Day – a couple who looks like they’re about to consummate their relationship on the sofa in the atrium in open view. OH MY EYES! MY EYES!

Did you spot something outrageous, delicious, hilarious, or gorgeous (like Jennifer Aniston’s dress at the Oscar’s)? Feel free to email them to me and share the *cough* learning experience.