Dinnertime conversation at the Yu household.

Me: Hey Dad, did you know if you Google “Phoebe Yu” my blog will come up on the first page?
Dad: *puts down chopsticks* *walks over to computer and Googles* *stares in disbelief*

Dad: So do you have like a blog online where you keep your innermost thoughts?!
Me: uh… NO?!!! *shifty eyes*

Mum: How about you put some Chinese on one of your blogs and we can blog about UBC together!!

Family, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Also, Phoebe wishes everyone good luck on their exam revision (yes, REVISION, like what Hermione says in Harry Potter… )

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  1. Haha, that’s awesome. Google and my blog have the worst relationship — searches of my name yield the long-deleted Facebook account and random comments on other peoples’ blogs before resulting in a listing for my own. It’s kind of sad!

    Any tips? =P

  2. “it will come up on the first page?”

    What will come up on the first page? XD. Something related to “Phoebe Yu” randomly? That’s to be expected 😛

    And good luck with your exams too ^^

  3. @Lizzy – Leave your full name all over the place on your blog, works like a charm.

    @Tysune – ah typo! Thanks for pointing it out =D

    @Eastwood – YAY CONGRATS! Did the plugins help?

    @Mary – An OB/GYN named Mary Leong is currently grabbing first place…. I guess you’ll need a degree first XD

    The speed you guys commented is a further testament to the fact that NO ONE IS STUDYING.

  4. Hmm I’m working towards getting my 1st name onto the 1st page of Google (currently on the 4th page).

    Yup, the FF extensions helped big time. Thanks again Phoebe!

    Mary: there’s also a writer for the Ubyssey who goes by the name of Mary Leong 😮

    You can all see that I’m studying hard 😛 (hardly studying?)

  5. Tyler, I took your advice and ended up choosing math 105 instead. so yeah.. that and a geo discussion — both of them work out quite well with my time table.

    Looks like this place is turning into a bit of a water cooler

  6. @Eastwood:
    Ah, cool 😀 You managed to sneak into a MATH 105 before second term even started o.O That’s pretty lucky

    Yep. Physics-exam-of-death is on Friday. So I’m going in for help in the morning. XD. Thus, I need to be up and out early 😛

  7. in gr. 9 bryan huang posted a group project on the internet and that was the #1 hit if you googled my name.

    and “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” was the title of my gr. 10 socials essay on the necessity of chinese immigrants. needless to say, picard didn’t acknowledge it during the oral defense =P

  8. @ Mary
    Ah the puzzle is solved! We have a resident journalist =P

    @ Brian
    LMAO is that still online? I’d be very interested to see it. And yes, you’re still the king of witty titles… oh PICARD… brings back memories!

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