Campus Fashion Trends – Spring/Summer ’09

The sun’s out. The exams are behind us. The beaches are calling! I hope to give you here a brief overview of some of the loveliest/fugliest fashion trends at UBC right now, with a heavy leaning towards the ladies (sorry fellas!) Warning: image-heavy and slightly materialistic =D For previous clothing styles, see 10 Campus Fashion Trends – Fall/Winter ’08.


In all seriousness – DARK COLOURS

It could be that UBCers are a bit solemn during exam time, but dark choices in clothings seem to be pretty prevalent. We’ve got the staple black and grey, but offshades of navy and brown are also everywhere. Cheer up folks, it’s summer!

Suzy Shier Wrap $30 Urban Behaviour Emily Dress $26 Garage Short Sleeved Dress $24 Suzy Shier Cami $30

Relaxation redefined? – LOOSE TOPS

Well what do you know, people are finally sick of ultra-tight clothes. These loose tops vary from dressy cocktail tops to buttonless cardigans; comes in a variety of colours.

American Eagle Tunic $30 American Eagle Pleated Tee $20 Garage Empire Dress $26

Proudly sporting letters – LOGOED HOODIES

Generic UBC ones, sorority letters, retail slogans; there’s no doubt that hoodies are everywhere. In the current unpredictable Vancouver weather, hoodies are perfect for early mornings and chilly spring evenings. I had a lucky hoodie for exams.

aehoodie30 ubchoodie65-2 canuckshoodie25

Still popular out of the 80s time capsule – SKINNY JEANS

Skinny jeans go with all kinds of shoes: flats, heels, boots, and Converse. A word of warning though, for God’s sake, some people need to get it through their heads that WEARING SKINNY JEANS DOESN’T AUTOMATICALLY MAKE YOU SKINNY. In fact, if not worn appropriately, it will emphasize all the parts you don’t want to emphasized. From the waist down, you will be an inverted triangle. Feel the horror.

Victoria's Secret Rocker Jean $60 Forever21 Skinny Jeans $13 Guess Skinny Jeans $89 Dynamite Skinny Jeans $45

We can all be celebrities – GIANT SUNGLASSES

These over-sized accessories are great for any glaring bright summer days. According to my completely baseless research data, giant sunglasses will increase your chicness by 61%, your resemblance to the Olsen twins and other paparazzi-hunted, chain-smoking, hippie-wanna-be celebs by 47%, hide those post-allnighter dark circles by 90%, and boost the likelihood of you walking into a tree by 13.5%.

Bluenotes Sunglasses $7.5

Up and coming

Sunshine yellow, faded blue, and retro red – BRIGHT COLOURS

At this point you may say WTF, and indeed, I took the liberty of being a little creative with the colour names. Take a look inside Urban Outfitters and American Eagle. The amount of colours is just mindblowing.

Blunotes Text Me Tee $15 Old Navy Cami $9
Urban Planet Tiered Skirt $10 Old Navy Vee Neck Tee $17

A tall willowy goddess – MAXI DRESSES

Making a come back, yay! Haven’t seen a lot of people wearing it on campus, but I blame the weird weather. In due time Phoebe, in due time.

Forever 21 Midnight Floral Maxi $25 Forever 21 Kelly Knit Maxi $12 American Eagle Floral Maxi $44 Le Chateau Maxi $44

Fading but not like a wallflower – OMBRE

Popularized on the S/S 2008 runway by Rodarte, Alberto Ferretti, Diane Von Furstenberg and many others, ombre, like most trends, will catch on a year after first exploding in the haute couture designer circle.

Ombre on the Runway! A. Mcqueen, ADAM, DVF, M. Williamson, DVF, B. Mischka

The inner girly girl – RUFFLES, BOWS, VINTAGE FLORALS

Embrace that feminine side =)

American Eagle Tropical Tank $24 Suzy Shier Pink Floral Skirt Victoria's Secret Ruffle Top $38 American Eagle Print Dress $44

Out or on its way out


You know something is “dead and gone” when your grade four cousin and her elementary friends were recently spotted wearing it. I have always valued investing in classic pieces and shunned the whole “on trend and off trend” frame of mind, but I make an exception here. LADIES, this is SO last season and, did I mention, tacky because seven year olds are now in love with it?! If you simply must wear it, do us a favour and at least throw in some kind of a twist (ie maybe with heels? Knock yourself out, literally!).

Leggings and Flats Leggings and Flats


People, people. When you’re wearing denim short shorts and uggs, think for a moment. MAKE UP YOUR MIND AS TO WHAT SEASON IT IS. Oh is it winter? Well cover up the remainig 80% of your legs! Is it summer? Why aren’t your snow boots locked up?! Do you see a crazy woman charging at you eyes ablaze? THAT WOULD BE ME.

JUST SAY Skirt and Uggs = EWW NO!

This is by no means an all-encompassing list (flip-flops for example, were a given) but rather some of my observations and preferences. Do throw in your two cents. For the fellas out there, I’d love to hear some trends from your end.

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  1. Apparently vancouver is way behind LA, cuz I’ve seen retro colours here all year long. In fact, the frat guys on my floor dress like they just came back from filming a Jane Fonda aerobics video from the 80s. Oh god so much seafoam green!!!

  2. “folks – BOOTS (NAMELY UGGS) AND SHORTS OR SKIRTS” is finally going out? Thank God! I have had to put up with this beyond hideous fashion trend since starting UBC in 2007.

    However, Dark colours? In for spring? I am not sure that is a trend that should be encouraged. Unless you are paring navy blue with something red/white/striped and going for a nautical look, ladies should leave anything south of dark purple in the closet until October (especially black).

  3. @Brian – LA sets the trends, we follow when it eventually travels up the coast.

    @Rory – I agree about toning down the dark colours for spring. As you can see, what I listed as coming in are all oh-so-colourful! I love the nautical look.

  4. I laughed because I could recall people wearing most of the stuff you posted up. I must honestly say that I haven’t rocked the big sunnies yet though. Saving those bad boys for later on this summer of course (COUGH 6 PACK COMING COUGH).

    Uggs and skirts are silly though. And I don’t even know how girls can wear uggs in the summer. It makes your feet so gross I bet…

    PS. Flip flops should be hitting the campus soon too 🙂

  5. Giant sunglasses have been all the rage for the last couple of years; you can hardly find anything else. Terrible for someone like me who ends up looking bug-eyed in them. Sigh.

  6. I’m really loving the ruffles and ombre styled tops this spring. I still feel there are ways that you can wear leggings and still look good and not like a seven grader but thats just me as for the nautical look you mentioned in one of the comments i’m totally digging that look. I actually got a blazer top that had a very stripey nautical inspired to look to ir for just $20 ! pretty awesome deal great post btw 🙂

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