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Lame /leɪm/:

(adj) Walking around campus for an hour at night trying to find parties and failing to do so

That pretty much sums up Part 1 of A Commuter Student’s Tale of Experiencing UBC Nightlife, a bestseller no doubt. And the party we were originally eyeing was the Soc Student’s Midnight Terror De-Stresser/Bzzr Garden which turned 1) to be really really empty even at 10pm and 2) was for 19+ despite what was stated on the promo pages. Grr.

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  1. @ Brian – damn! I was hoping i’d be first by now. Only if you capitalize properly or add ubc to the end of it do you get here. PHOEBE YU. PHOEBE YU. PHOEBE YU!

    By the way you weren’t online yesterday Brian =P

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