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Voting for Sexy Candidates is Sexy.

Let’s face it: looks matter. Attractive people succeed in life. Just knowing that Kai and Taylor are extremely attractive individuals is probably enough to get you to read this blog. Their shear hilarity and awesomeness gets you coming back with every post.

Enter myself, Gossip Guy, into the fold, and holy shit, you’re probably checking this site more than twitter and facebook combined. Yeah, I’m vain like that. Deal with it.
There are some sparkle-tastic sexy candidates this year. Choosing solely and purely on looks, who would the Confidential pick? Only the ones that fit our extremely strict guidelines. Sometimes it’s fashion that tickles our fancy, other times it’s someone’s adorableness that fancies our tickle. First up…. Arts.

"oh hai"

Ryan Trasolini

He’s the definition of smarmy. He was the one out there in front of every event, looking awfully cold, handing out his fantastic yellow business cards. That has to be a few sparkle points and a gold star or two in the Unicorn Championships.

Fact is, the man is bold. He can be in your face. He’s not afraid to take chances, just like his seafoam green shirt in the picture. He’s quite adorable and cute, which is evened out by his obviously cheesey/sleazy behaviour.

Ryan Trasolini – we approve. Of everything. Except for that shirt. I fucking hate that colour.


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Go Have Fun…

Why are you here reading this? Why aren’t you at the St. Patty’s Bash at the Museum of Anthropology?

The party will be raging until 12am, with $3 drinks and FREE good times.

ALSO, don’t forget to visit UBC Votes, learn about the candidates, and VOTE for your favourites… including AMS Confidential for the Voter Funded Media Contest!

No time for a fancy photoshop job... I have to get to the party at the Museum!

It’s A Referendum in the A.U.S.

dean nancy does not approve of your courtyard drinking. take it inside, son. also, FLOATING BEER.

This is part 1 of a point/counterpoint series on the AUS referendum. Hopefully we’ll get around to the counterpoint.

Votin’ with a click like yeahhhh

Checkin’ that box like yeahhhh.

There’s a poorly advertised/promoted/talked about referendumb question on this year’s AUS election ballot. It reads something like:

Do you wish to pay more every year for a new party space on campus? Like, not too much. Way the hell less than those new 2012 commerce kids, and when it’s all said and done, a little more than those damn peppy HKINners want in their referendum.

At this point, you might be all like “ZOMG WHAT A DEAL,” like when they put two Cheetos bags on sale for $4 and you buy four bags instead of your usual one because they’re so much cheaper.

Maybe you’re thinking “NAW WAY SON” because instead of an extra few bucks per year given to the AUS, you could buy eight whole bags of Cheetos instead of one or four.

If this thing passes and meets quorum (unlikely), you artsies will be paying:

  • $18 for 2010/2011 and 2011/2012
  • $23 for 2012/2013 and 2013/2014
  • $28 for 2015/2016, then adjusted by inflation/CPI

Well, wait Gossip Guy. That seems like a fairly reasonable increase for a new building/sapce, but… what’s it going to look like? Where will it be? Great questions, astute reader! Luckily, GG has obtained some documents showing a revamped Buchanan West Courtyard. Clicky “continue reading” to see…

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TiK ToK – GG's new love

Of all the candidates so far, one has really stuck out in my mind. Whether it’s for the picture on her poster, apparent slate like behaviour, or how the theĀ ubcvotes website is incorrectly listed as “.com” on her poster, I think I’ve fallen in love. Lisa Anderson, possible future AUS General Officer, I, Gossip Guy, salute you. I also think you lead a glamourous life of wild nights and partying, and I want in. I imagine something like this…

aus throwdown/showdown

Gossip Guy here. Happy to see me? I know you are. I can practically see the smile on your face from wherever I’m currently sitting/stumbling.

Well, fellow Artsies… we have a lot of tough choices this year. We’ll have to pick Yes or No in four different races, one involving a Star Wars character (WIN). Three guys going for President, and two ladies and purple lightsaber-wielding Sammy J for VPX. Then a bunch of General Officers and AMS reps. But c’mon… let’s focus on what’s really important here (Not that they aren’t all important. Just some things take priority, k?). So yes… EL PRESIDENTE. How are we going to decide who to support this year? We’ll leave it to…

the crudely rendered semi-androgynous pink and black gambling addicted elections mascot

I now realize I spent all my bloody time making that stupid graphic, and didn’t write anything of substance. Make sure you read the contest at the end of the post, and actually enter, so I don’t end up crying alone tonight because I wasted so much time. [Kai sez: welcome to the Confidential Editorial board, GG. You’ll get used to it.]

We’ll do some in-depth analyses in the coming days – and be assured, we WILL penetrate into the inner recesses, unlike the EUS elections, which we know nothing about. Full candidate list and some useless links after the jump y’all. AND THE CONTEST.

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