How my noodle handled Moodle

Learning a new skill always has a somewhat steep learning curve associated with it.  Historically, I have leamoodle free for reuserned well from traditional classroom models, however, since undertaking a degree that is delivered in a on-line format,  I have been forced to adapt my preferred learning style!

I must admit, that when I first signed into my Moodle site*, I was very intimidated.  Nothing made sense to me– I was in a foreign land and I did not speak the language!  Without too much trouble, I was able to change the theme, although I was not very impressed with the options— Moodle themes are very simple, to say the least.

Beyond theme choosing, however, I was immobilized. All I can say is thank God for YouTube!!!  Moodle itself provided a series of informative video tutorials and my Professor also provided us with a great YouTube tutorial.  If it was not for these videos, I would still be in the fetal position, I am certain!

Once the basic processes were in place, I did feel like some of my prior knowledge was useful.  I blended in my online Interest Inventory and Google Calendar, without any trouble.  My course outline was adapted from what I use in my classes currently (Having online versions of outlines is particularly awesome, however— providing external links is fantastic!)  I am happy to be learning how to manipulate the code of the page to make the formatting or functionality optimal, as well.

Overall, it was a very interesting process!  Without question, I would much rather do projects like this than write an essay, so I am definitely in my happy place!

*When watching this Screencast of my site, please know that there was a tremendous wind storm happening!  At first it sounds like sirens, but then you can here the wind fairly clearly. Talk about bad timing!


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