How My Noodle Handled Moodle: The Sequel

I think that my summary in the documentation for Assignment 3, pretty much sums it up:

I can see why educators do not wish to leave “Moodleland” since to get to Moodleland, you have click and plan yourself into a near coma! The effort to learn, master and create a working Moodle is arduously, epic in nature.  That being said, once it is established, I believe it is also fair to say that eventually, an equally epic amount of the educator’s time will be saved for other activities such as undertaking a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. A significant negative for me was that I found the quiz functionality to be too cumbersome and lacked the ability to efficiently add math text.  Should Moodle allow data banks of math questions to be imported, I would consider altering my stance on this, however, as ease in assessment is important to my practice.  Ultimately, since I can easily post videos and notes via the Google Classroom, I do not feel that investing time into creating a Moodle course is a path that I personally want to travel. Was this assignment a poor use of my time?  Not at all!  Being mindful of the effective design elements is a skill that every webpage, Google Doc, and YouTube educational video should incorporate and I look forward to building on what I learned in my journey to Moodleland!

When it comes right down to it, do you want to invest a schwack of time into your LMS or would you rather use Google Classroom and just jump right in?  As time is very precious to me at this point in my life, I need to take the GC-route.  This decision was pretty much made for me by my District, as well.  Victoria has officially embraced GC and is not going to let go in the foreseeable future. And it isn’t because I am just wanting to follow the herd– I really was disappointed in the amount of effort it took to make my Moodle site feel like a webpage. Click after click after click— it was endless mouse clicks!  With its tedious design nature combined with its inability to handle math script, this noodle is going to be staying away from Moodle.

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