Using Gliffy Concept Map to make connections in the weblog.

I am proposing to use the concept map posted in ETEC 540 weblog at to connect much of our work.  I think many of the concepts connected in this map have been covered in some form in our commentaries or other projects (Many of them appear in the weblog tag list).  Gliffy allows the text in each nodes of the concept map to be formatted as a hypertext link.  If you access the concept map at, you will be able to access these links into the weblog.  Just look for the underlined words in the concept map.  There will likely be some weblog posts covering the same concept nodes.  We can add these as Link 1, Link 2, etc.

If you would like to join me in this, just provide an email address as a reply to my post in the Vista course forum under the “Making Connections” thread and I will add you as an editor to the concept map.

If you have any ideas on expanding the concept map or any links that I/we may have missed, please leave a note in reply to this post.


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  1. This is such a great idea Tim. I had actually started to create a concept map on my own and was about to invite collaborators – I’m happy to see the responses on the Vista forum, count me in with the Gliffy! =)

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