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Hornbooks: Most Popular iPad App of the 15th Century

Origins The hornbook often presented English children, and subsequently Colonial American children, with their first encounter with letters and words. Because parchment was a scarce material, and thus expensive, the origins of reading and literacy (the alphabet) was printed upon … Continue reading

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The Influence of Radio and Television on Culture, Literacy and Education

Written by Deanna Stefanyshyn and Julie Kendell Introduction Technology has the power to affect not only education but also culture, religion and personal thoughts and beliefs. While the world population is continually growing, our global world seems to be getting … Continue reading

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The Invention of the Ballpoint Pen and its Effect on Literacy

Ballpoint pens are everywhere! People keep them in their purse, book bags, cars, desks, offices and in classrooms. They are both, affordable and portable. Whenever you need to write something down, a ballpoint pen can usually be found somewhere close … Continue reading

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The History and Future of the Chalkboard

Tara Avenia (Avenia, 2012). [youtube]http://youtu.be/_XngtsmH9FU[/youtube] (Avenia, 2012) “Among the Greatest Benefactors of Mankind” A close look into the history of educational technology will reveal that an invention from over two hundred years ago remains arguably the most influential technological innovation … Continue reading

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