Awards & Grants


Active Grants (N=4)
  1. PI: “AI and Analytics Framework for Global Inter-Firm Value Network Construction”, VisionValue Consulting and Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), Amount: $ 60,000 ($20K+$40K) CAD (13 months; 2020/12/16-2022/01/31), PI: Gene Moo Lee, Managers: Chan-Il Kim (김찬일 대표), Jinny Seo (서진이 박사), Jaeyoung Yoo (유재영 박사), RA: Myunghwan Lee.
  2. PI: “Robots Serve Humans: Does AI Robot Adoption Enhance Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience?”, Sauder Exploratory Research Grant, Amount: $7,800 CAD (1 year; 2021/08/01~2022/07/31), PI: Gene Moo Lee, RA: Myunghwan Lee. Presented at WITS 2020, KrAIS 2020.
  3. PI: “Predicting Litigation Risk via Machine Learning”, SSHRC Insight Development Grant 2019 430-2019-00315, Amount: $55,736 CAD (3 years; 2019/06/01-2022/05/31), PI: Gene Moo Lee, Collaborator: Xin Zheng, RA: Raymond Situ. Presented at CFMA 2019.
  4. Collaborator: “Combating Fake Reviews”, SSHRC Insight Development Grant 2020 430-2020-00742, Amount $53,672 CAD (2 years; 2020/06/01-2022/05/31), PI: Arslan Aziz, Collaborator: Gene Moo Lee, RA: Jaecheol Park. Presented at WISE 2021.

Proposals In Preparation (N=1)
  1. PI: “Robots Serve Humans: Understanding the Economic and Societal Impacts of AI Robots in Service Industry”, SSHRC Insight Development Grant 2022. RA: Myunghwan Lee.

Completed Funded Projects (N=12)
  1. PI: “Targeting Pre-Roll Ads using Video Analytics with Deep Learning”, Sauder Exploratory Research Grant, Amount: $5,000 CAD (1 year; 2020/08/01~2021/07/31), PI: Gene Moo Lee, RA: Raymond Situ. Presented in INFORMS 2020, AIMLBA 2020, WITS 2020.
  2. Co-Applicant: “Establishing a Cloud-based Learning Resource for Business Analytics”, UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF), Amount: $45,246 (1 year; 2020/04/01~2021/03/31), PI: Harish Krishnan, Co-Applicants: Steven Schechter, Gene Moo Lee, Martha Essak, Chunhua Wu, Elisabeth Chin, Zhen Mu, Rob Peregoodoff. Project page:
  3. PI: “Opportunity Structure: Strategic Posture Identification and Positioning of IPOs”, Sauder Exploratory Research Grant, Amount: $6,000 CAD (1 year; 2019/08/01~2020/07/31), PI: Gene Moo Lee, RA: Myunghwan Lee. Presented in CIST 2019, KrAIS 2019, DS 2021, KrAIS 2021.
  4. Co-PI: “SaTC: Core: Small: Information Disclosure and Security Policy Design: A Large-Scale Randomization Experiment in Trans-Pacific Region”, National Science Foundation (NSF) 1718360, Amount: $422,227 USD (3 years; 2017/08/01~2020/07/31), PI: Andrew B. Whinston, Co-PI: Shu He, Senior Researcher: Gene Moo Lee, RA: Yunsik Choi. Published in JMIS 2020 [Experiment Website:]
  5. PI: “Developing Big Data Analytics Framework for Industry Intelligence”, Hampton Fund Research Grant New Faculty Award, Amount: $10,000 CAD (2 years; 2017/09/01~2019/08/31), PI: Gene Moo Lee, RAs: Bolat KhojayevSahil JainRaymond Situ.
  6. PI: “Online Labor Market Efficiency and Algorithmic Recommendations”, CIDE Small Grants for Innovative Data, Amount: $19,200 CAD (1 year; 2018/07/01~2019/06/30), PI: Gene Moo Lee, Co-PI: Sam Il Myoung Hwang, RA: Myunghwan Lee.
  7. PI: “Research on Data Valuation for New Analytics Model Development “, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), Amount: $59,000 CAD (6 months; 2018/05~2018/10), PI: Gene Moo Lee, Manager: Jinny Seo (서진이 박사), RA: Myunghwan Lee.
  8. PI: “Developing Cyber Risk Assessment Framework for Cyber Insurance: A Big Data Approach (빅데이터 기반의 사이버위험 측정방법 및 사이버사고 예측모형 연구)”, Korea Insurance Research Institute (KIRI, 보험연구원), Amount: $12,107 CAD (5 months; 2018/03/16~2018/07/31), PI: Gene Moo Lee, Manager: Joon Lim (임준 연구위원), RA: Austin Cho. [Demo Website] [Final Report]
  9. Co-PI: “The Impact of Monetary Policy on Firms’ Operation: A Lexical Analysis on Firms’ 10-K Annual Reports”, University of Texas at Arlington, College of Business, Amount: $5,000 USD (10 months; 2018/03/19~2018/12/31), PI: C. Y. Choi, Co-PI: Gene Moo Lee, RA: Abishek Ganesh.
  10. PI: “Development of Big Data Analytics based Methodology for U.S. Industry Intelligence using Public Data”,  Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) C17010 / University of Texas at Arlington, Amount: $66,843 USD (7 months; 2017/02/01~2017/08/31), PI: Gene Moo Lee, Manager: Jinny Seo (서진이 박사), RA: Yash Nigam. Published in JTI 2018 [Demo Website]
  11. Co-PI: “A Pan-Asian Field Study of Corporate Awareness to Information Security and Preparedness Against Cybercrimes”, Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme – Central Policy Unit, The Government of Hong Kong, Amount: $655,500 HKD (2 years; 2016-2017), PI: Alvin C. M. Leung, Co-PIs: Andrew B. Whinston, Gene Moo Lee. [Experiment Website:]
  12. Co-PI: “Analyzing the Spillover Effects of User-Generated Reviews on Purchases”, Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, (1 year; 2015-2016), Co-PIs: Young Kwark, Gene Moo Lee, Paul Pavlou, Liangfei Qiu, RA: Bolat Khojayev. Published in ISR 2021.