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Note for prospective students, postdoc researchers, and letter-requesting students

  • For current UBC students (Ph.D., Master, Undergraduate): Thank you for your interest in working with me. There could be research opportunities for exceptional cases: students should have a working knowledge of Python programming and Linux environment. I recommend interested students to take these online courses: Data Science, Machine Learning, Linux, SQL, and NoSQL. Before you contact me, please read my research group’s publications and working papers, then describe the specific research topics you want to pursue. In addition, please send me your transcript, resume, and code samples (e.g., GitHub repository if available).
  • For non-UBC students (Ph.D. and Master’s program applicants): Thank you for your interest in working with me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to work with non-UBC students. For possible collaboration, you first need to go through the formal admission process for UBC and Sauder School of Business before I can consider you as a potential collaborator. You do not need to have a commitment from an advisor prior to admission. Please check the related information on the Ph.D. program and the M.Sc. program. Also, please note that admission decisions are collectively made by Sauder school, not by individual faculty members.
  • For recommendation letters: I write reference letters for outstanding students (A- above) who have taken my class. To apply for a reference letter, please send me your transcript, resume, and personal statement (for graduate schools). Cheers!
  • Regarding postdoc positions or visiting students: Thank you for your interest in working with me as a postdoc or a visiting student. Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to host more researchers at the moment. You can find UBC faculty who are taking visiting scholars at
  • Regarding the Visiting Associate Program at Centre for Korean Research, Institute of Asian Research:

Lecture Notes: NP-Completeness: An Overview

Kim, Y. E. and Lee, G. M. (2003). NP-Completeness: An Overview. Lecture Notes, November 2003.

This paper presents an overview of NP-complete problems. The theory of NP-completeness is important not only in the theoretical aspect but also in reality. First, we will take a look at the formal definition and some examples of NP-complete problems. Then, we will see how to prove a problem is NP-complete and how to cope with NP-complete problems.