Courseworks during PhD and Masters Programs

  1. MIS 381N Introduction to Electronic Commerce (Fall 2014, Whinston)
  2. MIS 381N Decision Support Systems (Fall 2013, Whinston)
  3. CS 380S Theory and Practice of Secure Systems (Fall 2012, Shmatikov)
  4. CS 391L Machine Learning (Fall 2010, Ballard)
  5. CS 398T Supervised Teaching in CS (Fall 2010, Klivans and Ravikumar)
  6. CS 395T Advanced Topics in Computer Networks (Spring 2006, Zhang)
  7. ECO 392M Computational Economics (Spring 2006, Kendrick)
  8. CS 386M Communication Networks (Fall 2005, Zhang)
  9. ECO 354K Introductory Game Theory (Fall 2005, Stahl)
  10. CS 395T Network Measurement and Inference (Spring 2005, Zhang)
  11. CS 395T Answer Set Programming (Spring 2005, Lifschitz)
  12. CS 381K Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2004, Novak)
  13. CS 388L Introduction to Mathematical Logic (Fall 2004, Lifschitz)