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8-year anniversary of the famous “Research Waste” series. Have we progressed?

In January 2014, Professor Ian Chalmers and colleagues including Jonathan Grant, Ben Djulbegovic, and John Ioannidis launched a landmark Lancet series relating to research waste? Why ‘landmark’–isn’t that an overused trope? Not in this case because these preeminent scientists were looking in the mirror. Instead of ‘more research is needed’ and ‘more funding is needed’ these global leaders examined avoidable waste. Also in 2014, the METRICS (Meta-Research Innovation Centre at Stanford) launched.

They were heady days indeed. During that year the Centre for Open Science, in collaboration with Science Exchange of Palo Alto were trying to replicate findings from key cancer biology trials. You can guess how that worked out. Or read about it here.

If this isn’t too depressing you can get up to speed quickly via Rigor Mortis by NPR journalist Richard Harris. Who is not to be confused with the other Richard Harris (both great, of course). It’s a four-hour read that will change your life if some of what you are hearing here is news. Thanks to David Moher @dmoher for pointing me to that one.

Kudos international award-winning science graphist Vicky Earle @EarleArt for the graphic above and more to come on this blog … k2

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The Annual Canadian Arthritis Research Conference (CARC) Returns for Third Year

The third annual Canadian Arthritis Research Conference (CARC), co-presented by the Arthritis Society, the Canadian Rheumatology Association and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research/IMHA, takes place virtually February 7-8, 2022. CARC brings together multidisciplinary stakeholders to explore perspectives, advance knowledge and enhance Canadian leadership in the world of arthritis and rheumatic diseases.

This year’s theme, Research with Impact, features a range of presentations, discussions and networking opportunities with experts, researchers, patients and emerging leaders from the arthritis community. Two keynote speakers and 18 presenters will deliver talks on a range of topics. All program details are available online at In addition, this conference provides a forum for investigators to share ‘Best Research’ presentations.

Last year, speakers discussed medicine and rehabilitation in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, including topics ranging from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the employment of young people with rheumatic disease to new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for intervertebral disc degeneration and back pain. There were also several “Ask Me Anything” panels, where presenters and attendees discussed presentation topics in more detail.

Dr. Jackie Whittaker of the CARC Scientific Committee says the conference is a great opportunity to hear the latest in arthritis research and is also a chance to share ideas with a goal of improving the health of people living with arthritis.

“The challenges of arthritis are varied and vast. Building on the success of the previous two conferences, we are assembling experts and stakeholders to further advance research to better the health of Canadians living with arthritis and rheumatic diseases,” said Dr. Whittaker. “Opportunities like CARC allow us to collaborate and share learnings among clinicians, scientists, patients and stakeholders nationally and internationally. We look forward to some very engaging discussions.”

In addition to the two-day conference, Research Presentation Days take place on January 25th and 31st, 2022, providing a public platform for presentations including systematic reviews, all types of original research, and evidence synthesis. These sessions are more intimate, allowing conversations and questions about the research with the CARC Scientific Committee and other research presenters.

For more information about the conference and to register, visit

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