Year-End Fiscal Report

2008 was a good year in the sense that I entered the workforce full time and managed to hold on to jobs during the school year. 2008 was a bad year in the sense that I spent money frivolously on non-essentials such as clothing and food. Textbooks are also huge drains from my savings.

Note: Always wanted to use the word “fiscal”… it makes everything sound so official! Oh and this entry is all about money, so stay away if financial talk isn’t your thing.ย  I pay for all of my own stuff except groceries and around one meal a day (lovingly supplied by my parents, fyi i still live at home).


I tried to keep as an accurate account as possible (…have the habit of spending cash/debit instead of credit… ah well). As you can see, UBC textbooks took a ridiculously huge chunk out of my wallet. I’m quite happy that my university tuition was only a few hundred bucks.


The above graph takes out all the “major expenses”. Ever since univ started I’ve been lavishly spending money on fastfood at lunch, a habit I hope to drop this year. Clothings expenses were up there as well – averages to about $30 a month which isn’t too bad.


It’s skyrocketing towards the end of the year haha… blame Boxing Day.


Green bar = income, red = expenses. Got a job in July. Pulled in a deficit for September, but otherwise I’m in the green!


This doesn’t represent the actual balance (give or take a few grand), but I love having visual representation!

Now isn’t dealing with finances fun?! Coming up next: where are Phoebe’s incomes coming from? AKA Making money at UBC =D On a sidenote, for those of you looking for cheap textbooks, refer to my buying textbooks at UBC post back in September. Hope it helps!

QOTW: What do you spend the most money on? What about non-essential items?

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  1. This is WAY too funny. I’m guessing you used excel to keep track of your revenue/expenses? Any tips? I’ve been meaning to write up my own budget/keeping track of my expenses as well.

    What do you do to make money at UBC? ๐Ÿ˜›

    I spend the most money on food since I don’t have to pay for my entire tuition on my own or anything. Food probably can easily take 20 bucks out of my pocket everyday.

  2. Woah. So this is what a Sauder student can do. XD

    I haven’t been keeping track… …but I haven’t been spending too much.

    Most of “my” money went to textbooks. Though, food has been the real only place my money has actually ran away from me (but not much; most was $40 in one month approx).

  3. oh. my. god.
    that is why I am not in commerce. I have absolutely no idea where my money goes. Well, except for when I shed a few tears a tuitions time. Oh, and at the bookstore. I had to pay 70 dollars the other day for a pack of black and white photocopies. They weren’t even bound or anything. And I know for a fact that copies at staples cost ten cents. so ten bucks for 100 pages. Where did the other 60$ come from? the bookstore is just legal thievery. Unfortunately, we are a captive audience and they can charge whatever they want.

  4. Oh my god, I am terrible with non-essentials. Working at Indigo, I employee-discount my way through a good $200 worth of books each month. I just like to pretend they’re essential. I mean, everyone needs plays and complete Allan Ginsberg’s collections, RIGHT? haha.

    I spend less money on food than I do on books :O

    And TRAVEL! I don’t spend most of my money – it goes into a giant travel fund for the summer.

    and that is the story of why Mary has two jobs.

  5. That’s mind-blowing. Though I am in Commerce, I keep absolutely no track of my finances except for a rough mental image of what-paid-for-what.

    Another new theme? Hmm I suspect that there’s been some procrastination going on ๐Ÿ˜› (header looks great, by the way — how UBC!)

  6. Nice graphs. ๐Ÿ˜€ What did you produce them in?

    As for an answer to your question: either food or textbooks, I think; they came pretty close (especially with a $250 chem text, which was like…half my meal plan). I bought a couple of books at the bookstore and a calendar along with some notebooks, but that was about it for nonessentials.

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