e-Portfolio/Portfolio CoPs

Electronic Portfolio Action and Communication (EPAC) Community of Practice
Community of Practice facilitated out of Stanford University. An active community of practice that has built community, developed resources and hosted events primarily around e-Portfolios and assessment.

Twitter: @epaccop
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Australian e-Portfolio Community of Practice Archive
The Australian e-Portfolio Community of Practice has assisted in the development of e-Portfolio resources. The e-Portfolio toolkit is a detailed guide for developers, instructors and students that guides the different stakeholders through the development of an e-Portfolio using a question-based approach.

Austrailian e-Portfolio Project Website

The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEBL)
A professional association for e-Portfolios. Facilitates conferences, webinars. Check out there links to resources as well as their e-Portfolio showcase, that showcases examples of teaching and learning e-Portfolios.

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