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ePortfolio California Community Webchat: ePortfolio Tool Exploratio

On Tuesday, February 1st Jennifer Lau, Director of Educational Technology at Marymount College presented an interactive web chat about her experience selecting an institution-wide ePortfolio platform.

In Lau’s discussion she described some of the challenges that she faced in selecting a common ePortfolio solution for the institution. In particular she zoomed in on the multiple requirements of different stakeholders at Marymount College in regards to ePortfolios. These requirements were often not only different but at times difficult to reconcile. The following list describes some of the different ePortfolio needs held by the institution, faculty members and students at the college.

Constituency Needs drive Product Structure

Student Centred
Reflection and showcase
Creative Control
Artifact Control
Multiple Views
Restrict Access
Online Resume
Open Flexible

Formative Assessment
Flexible Construction
Feedback Mechanism
Easy UI

Institutional Needs
Summative Assessment/Accreditation
Standardized and Centralized
Data Data Data
Specific Framework
Harvesting Artifacts
Aggregating Scores
Access at varying levels

The session archives can be found here http://www.cccconfer.org/. To access the session click on View Archives link under Webinars. From the archives scroll down the list and click on the archive link for ePortfolio California Monthly Web Chat.