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January Portfolio CoP Meeting

On January 12th from 1:30pm- 3:00pm please join use to hear Dr. Anne Scholefield, Special Project Coordinator, Teacher Education share her 4-years of experience developing, implementing and assessing ePortfolios in teacher education. The ePortfolio project in Teacher Education was first implemented in 2005 using a variety of programs and criteria,. As of 2008, all teacher candidates have been required to use a customized, in-house version of WordPress MU. More that 2400 ePortfolios have since been created and “captured” through this program, via a concluding capstone course. This meeting will be a great opportunity to discuss ways to support, assess students and enhance faculty and student buy-in in the context of a large-scale ePortfolio implementation.

ePortfolios in Teacher Education at UBC (support site)