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Portfolio CoP March Meeting

Please join us on March 25th from 10:00am-11:30am to hear Dr Karen Gardner describe her experience developing and implementing learning ePortfolios as an assessment and interactive learning tool in the Faculty of Dentistry. In particular Dr. Gardner will be looking at how ePortfolios can engender vertical integration as students progress through the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at the University of British Columbia.


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November 29th Portfolio CoP Meeting Summary

November Portfolio CoP Meeting
Date: November 29th, 2010

Dr. John Egan facilitated an engaging presentation on the design, application and assessment of ePortfolios in ETEC565A a course offered as part of the Master of Educational Technology (MET) program at UBC. During his presentation John touched on key elements of the project as well as provided information on lessons learned through the process. We then discussed projects that other community members are involved with and brainstormed topics for upcoming Portfolio CoP meetings.

Stay tuned for an email with the upcoming meeting dates for the Winter Semester.

Presentation Slides
E-Portfolio Assessment, ETEC565A: Learning Technologies: Selection, Design and Application.

Portfolio CoP Blog
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An Introduction to RSS
Video from Common Craft: Common Craft provides an introduction to the concept of RSS feeds

Upcoming CTLT RSS Workshop
RSS Basics I: Fight information overload. Publish dynamic content anywhere. Easy as R-S-S
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Australian ePortfolio Project
Information and resources from the Australian ePortfolio CoP

Australian ePortfolio Toolkit
The ePortfolio Toolkit created as part of the Australian CoP

Reflections on April 27th CoP meeting

At the April Community of Practice meeting we heard what Dr. Karen Gardner has been doing within the Faculty of Dentistry.  Five years ago Dr. Gardner started exploring how to use ePortfolios as a way to help students keep track of their acomplishments.  As part of the Operative Dentistry Course students are given a choice of completing an ePortfolio, a special project or an International Peer Review (IPR) project.  The session looked at the eportfolio and the IPR project.  Both choices required students to present work they have done, and reflect on the process and end product.  What was most interesting in the IPR project was the impact of peer feedback in expanding students’ understanding of the diversity of their profession.  I was impressed by the ways students were interacting with each other, building relationships and learning from each other.  It led me to think about the role of feedback within ePortfolios, not just as summative assessment but as part of the formative assessment process.  I wonder how people on campus are providing and encouraging feedback within their ePortfolio projects.

You can download Dr. Gardner’s narrated PowerPoint slides, and the assignment rubric for the ePortfolio and the IPR Projects.

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