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Portfolio Community of Practice: Assessing ePortfolios.

This brief about ePortfolio assessment was developed to support and provide direction for the Portfolio CoP meeting held on November 7th, focussing on assessing ePortfolios.

PDF Version: Assessing ePortfolios

What is an ePortfolio?

An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items – ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc, which ‘presents’ a selected audience with evidence of a person’s learning and/or ability.

Sutherland and Powell (2007) JISC Effective Practice with ePortfolios

Portfolio Assessment

The portfolio provides a critical opportunity for purposeful, mentored reflections and analysis of evidence for both improvement and assessment of students’ learning. Such a process is a rich, convincing, and adaptable method of recording intellectual growth and involving students in a critically reflective, collaborative process that augments learning as a community endeavor.

Zubizarreta (2010)

Portfolios dictate a different approach to evaluation: accumulation of work evidence and reflection on that work. Using reflection as the most basic way that we academics evaluate students is far more appropriate to the way we work in this century than the testing methods of last century. We no longer need to test as we did, but we do need to evaluate using portfolios.

Trent Baston (2010) The Testing Straightjacket

If universities are moving further towards an emphasis on ‘assessment for learning’ and formative learning then various approaches to paper-based portfolios and ePortfolios should naturally emerge across discipline areas.

Pelliccione and Dixon (2010)
Beyond assessment to empowerment in the learning landscape

  A Process for Assessing Portfolios


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