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Welcome to this shared space. The steps below will guide you through how to join and contribute to the community and the resources emerging on the site! Thanks for being here.

How to get started:

1. Join the community (add link)

2. Comment on the dialogue postings

3. Add your own resources/ideas

Comment on dialogue postings:

1. Look for the link at the bottom to see if there are comments.leave-comments

2. Click on the link and enter your info and comments, then click Submit.

Your comment will then be connected to the original posting and will form part of the thread of comments that will grow as others also respond to the original posting.

Add your own resources/ideas

1. Make sure you’ve logged into the site – click here to enter your CWL info
2. Follow these steps to create a post:

3. You can add more media by following these steps:

4. Make your post easier to find by using categories and tags, described here:

5. Click Publish and share with the community

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