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Rip, Mix, Feed

As part of the activities for ETEC 540 we were challenged to engage in ‘rip, mix, feed, relearn’ actions that created a ‘participatory immersion into new technologies’.  The challenge was to complete ONE of the following:

  1. create a set of resources
  2. augment or remix an existing resource
  3. tell a story

Each of these options appealed to me but one has been a area of interest since I began taking MET courses.

So, I’ll begin with my collection of resources relating to the application of concept mapping to digital spaces.



Here is an introduction to the idea of using concept maps to combine visual, graphic, and text forms of information.

Concept mapping is one tool used to create meaningful connections for ideas.


VUE software is an open source software tool developed at TUFTS University supported by funding from the Carnegie Mellon Foundation. This software is a simple yet powerful tool to create digital concept maps. It is one way to capture print based materials, merge them with graphics, web resources, animations and visual images. J. Bolter would contest that it is one more tool to ‘remediate’ the printed word.

VUE software is available HERE.

To gain understanding of what VUE can do for YOU, read this blog post. It will outline purpose, application and learning that is supported by VUE software.


How to Use VUE?

Here is a collection of video clips outlining how to use VUE concept mapping software. Since this software can be used in simple forms and purposes, as well as detailed analytical forms and purposes, this is intended to move the idea of concept mapping into a fully interactive, digital environment. Only VUE what you can DO.

VUE 1 – Beginning with VUE
VUE 1 – Continuing with VUE – connecting
VUE 2 – Overview
Using Data Repositories – VUE software
Introduction to Pathways in VUE software
Using Pathways in VUE software
Presentations in VUE software
Using Ontologies in VUE software
Merging Maps in VUE software
Tagging Metadata in VUE software
Exploration Tools in Vue software
Searching and Semantic Analysis using VUE software
Importing and visualizing RSS feeds with VUE software
Joining Datasets in VUE software
Seasr – Software environment for advancement of scholarly research – Application to VUE software


Here is a sample of a VUE concept map developed for this course ETEC 540. It is my effort to gain understanding and build connections as we near the end of our course journey.

mind map for ETEC 540



Creating a screen capture movie using Camtasia has been one of my goals since beginning the MET course. The other goal was to post something into YouTube. This week’s module reminded me of these goals.  SO…. here it is.

This video is my first effort to fulfil this challenge.


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