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Exploring Text (redefined)

TEXT – Redefined

Text is human expression,(Angela) the covering skin of thought,(Helen) created from symbols designed to represent (Everton). Text defines self and creates reality.(Ken)  Text is a representation of language, adaptable and evolving.(Lynette) Text is layered information (nesting dolls image/Bridget), labels and organization.(Dave)

Text is a tool that has personal meaning and cultural significance.(Garth) How text is produced influences it’s content.(Jennifer) Society is changed by text.(Julie)  Text produces feelings of power, powerlessness (Hallmark video/Scott) and a continuum of trust.(Julie) Trusting text and the source of the textual communication is a concern for author and reader (Black Robe video clip/Mark).

Text is a compelling story (Parisian Love story/Steph; Goodnight Moon/Doug) or a song of significance that can change a world (Dennis). Text can save lives (sign on Nevsky Prospekt/Gordana), create mood through poetry (father’s poem/Danielle); Jabberwocky/Kim), and unlock enigmas (Sian) or secrets of the past (Rosetta Stone; Alvin & Sian).  Text can be even be an image (Flickr/Jim; Wikipedia/Juliana). Text based dialogue (texting, blogging) is fluid and interactive.(Andrew) The value of the ability to unlock understanding is immeasurable (Alvin). Text is produced because a writer “has something to say” (F. Scott Fitzgerald/Jasmeet).

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