The Power of the Written Word

When I think of text, I think of the power of the written word. For example, text has been used to bring about change with letter campaigns as well to spread knowledge and culture across time and space. To me, text has more of a lasting effect than speech because the latter can be forgotten or remembered differently. The Internet has sparked a revival of text as people use it to share themselves intimately with others in blogs, tweets, email, forums etc.

A recent example of the power of text is Google’s 2010 Superbowl commercial embedded below. This advertisement cost $3 million to air and is nothing but text. The ad was one of the most remembered after the Superbowl as found by Sands Research, a neuromarketing group. Text can be very compelling when it is used to tell a story we can all relate to. The following video has over 6 million hits on youtube:

Parisian Love


Sands Research (2010). Sands research announces results of neuromarketing study ranking effectiveness of 2010 super bowl commercials. Retrieved from:

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