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Opaque and Overhead Projector Technologies

For this assignment, I worked to study and contrast opaque and overhead projector technologies in the history of education. I also experimented with developing a hypertext version of my paper. You can explore my assignment 3 online space here!

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From Handwriting to Typewriting

“It is probable that longhand will persist-at least until inventions have made the typewriter as easy to carry as a pen or pencil and within financial reach of all.” Alice E. Benbow, 1925 (as cited in Templin, 1960, p. 164) … Continue reading

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Where literacy and technological determinism collide

The steady upward climb of humanity from the rustic simplicity of prehistoric times towards the modern digital age has been long and arduous; fraught with peril and upheaval, power shifts and cultural extinctions, and an ever-increasing rate of technological innovation. … Continue reading

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My Definition of Technology

Technology is the constant development of products and processes by humans in an effort to improve upon existing conditions. Continued technological development results from humanity’s perpetual struggle to solve problems, and to meet needs and wants that are perceived to … Continue reading

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Technology – a handy tool

Technology Is Not Always Innovative Technology is the means – a tool – to help us achieve our goals. But I think we gradually get so used to technology and we do not even think of it as innovation. It … Continue reading

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テクノロジ = technology

“The spoken word was the first technology by which man was able to let go of his environment in order to grasp it in a new way.” Marshall McLuhan While searching for meaning within images, text, and technologies, I came … Continue reading

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What is Technology

I found two videos that help to define technology and provides some specific examples. Like Mark, embeding these videos has me stumped, for now……, so they are links. The first video provides a technology definition in one broad statement. The … Continue reading

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