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Thoroughly Remediated!

Thinking about connections, I think probably the key connection that has helped bring sense to all we have discussed is “remediation.” Through the contributions of everyone in the course, I think it is fair to say that my understanding of … Continue reading

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Unwired Curriculum in a Wired World

There is a growing sentiment in our society that today’s students need to be multiliterate, in order to be successful, functioning members of society. Literacy today means something quite different than it did 700 years ago. To be literate in … Continue reading

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The Impact of Paperbacks on Western Culture

The sentiment, “Literacy is a luxury; fiction is a necessity” (Chesterton, p. 1) is perhaps key to our understanding of why the rise of the paperback novel has had such a significant impact on reading habits in our culture. Storytelling, … Continue reading

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Commentary 1: From Orality to Literacy: From Whence We Came

The relics of a purely oral culture are evident in today’s world in a myriad of ways. Yet is not until reading Walter Ong’s book, Orality and Literacy, that it is possible to recognize the vestiges of an oral culture … Continue reading

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Defining Technology

Technology is a difficult concept to describe because it belongs to so many realms. As I see it, technology is analogous to “system”. It supports culture by making a task deemed important by a culture easier. I have included a … Continue reading

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Defining Text

Text in the broadest sense is any of the various forms in which writing exists. I see text as anything that communicates ideas visually. These could be pictographs, cuneiform, hieroglyphics, print, or calligraphy. Text is the visual representation of all … Continue reading

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The Evolving Web of Literacy – Sian’s Post

I chose this picture because to me it epitomises just how much technology has made literacy available to us all.  The Gutenberg Bible was the first book made (more) widely available through the technology of the printing press.  The iPad … Continue reading

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