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The Remediation of Kim

I had the opportunity today to attend my family’s church for the first time this term. The sermon was focused on the Gospel of St. Mark. The pastor spoke eloquently about the grammar of this text, the Greek translation and … Continue reading

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Creative Explorations

I am always amazed at the talent in the MET program. You are inspiring! I’m just exhausted… During this course, I’ve had the opportunity to do a little creative exploration. Animoto – To borrow the tag line from Staples, “That … Continue reading

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The Influence of Text Technologies on Politics

Text has influenced society’s political landscape throughout history. To describe this affect of text, Bulwer-Lytton (1839) in his play decreed, “The pen is mightier than the sword” (p 52). Text and how text is disseminated continues to influence politics as … Continue reading

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From Scroll to Codex

I laughed such a deep belly laugh that my sides hurt when it was finished. That was my reaction to the video Medieval Help Desk (Medieval Help Desk, 2007). The similarities between the monk helping his colleague and my job … Continue reading

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Commentary #1: Module 2 Kim Melvin

During the readings of Module 2: From Orality to Literacy there were many times Ong challenged my previous thinking and presented ideas that I had never contemplated. I have previously classified myself as a reluctant writer. I find the writing … Continue reading

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Initial Text Thoughts

At the beginning of Module 1 I wrote my initial thoughts on, “What is text?”. I naively wrote that text is the representational recording of language and influences cultures. Of course this view is influenced by my background as a … Continue reading

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Technology is Ever Changing

Dilbert Comic Strip December 23, 2010 As we discussed the Cambridge Forum audio recording, did you realize that the host did not describe it as a podcast but an audio recording? I found that fascinating. Just as technology has shaped … Continue reading

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My favorite part of the day in my classroom was when we would sit down and share a really good book. Early in my career I made a pedagogical decision to read aloud in my classroom each day regardless of … Continue reading

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