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Final Project: Social Semiotic Theory of Multimodality

To publish my project, I explored with the blogging tool Serendipity. Please visit my space here, where you will find my theoretical paper, my concept map, and a few other resources related to my topic. The story of how I installed … Continue reading

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Animoto, Prezi & coming soon…

Here is a link to my Animoto story documenting some of the early provincial government efforts to protect against what would turn into a 1 in 300 year flood. Also, here is a link to my Prezi for Assignment 3. I am … Continue reading

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Opaque and Overhead Projector Technologies

For this assignment, I worked to study and contrast opaque and overhead projector technologies in the history of education. I also experimented with developing a hypertext version of my paper. You can explore my assignment 3 online space here!

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A Critique of Postman’s View of Technology and Schooling

In his book Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, Postman cautions against what he views as a prevailing movement towards a society where technology is increasingly in control of humanity (1992). He describes a world where technology is widely … Continue reading

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My Definition of Technology

Technology is the constant development of products and processes by humans in an effort to improve upon existing conditions. Continued technological development results from humanity’s perpetual struggle to solve problems, and to meet needs and wants that are perceived to … Continue reading

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Defining Text: The Rosetta Stone

To add to our ongoing dialogue regarding text, this image of the Rosetta Stone is representative to me of the meaning of text as we have been defining it over the past two weeks, and it also puts into context … Continue reading

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Moodle or Muddle? Alvin’s Post

Hello everyone! It was difficult to pick just one photo, but I ended up selecting what appears to be the beginning of a presentation promoting a Moodle learning environment to an unknown audience, possibly other teachers. The text on the … Continue reading

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