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Making Connections: We can do it.

I have been interested in how technology, and more specifically mobile technology, has been affecting and changing the way our students communicate and interact with each other for some time now. After this taking this course I realize that I … Continue reading

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Commentary 3 – Web 2.0: Creating New Students and New Educators

            Schools are equipped with computers and wifi, and students are coming to school as experts in these new technologies (Alexander, 2008). As students become more expert at web 2.0 tools such as blogging, social … Continue reading

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Google Docs

One of the courses I teach at Grande Prairie Regional College is Microsoft Word Expert level. I usually have a wide range of experience in my class and I often find myself struggling with how to keep the more experience … Continue reading

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Multiliteracies in education: A social movement

Cazden, et al write about relationships of pedagogy (1996) where there is a much greater social emphasis on learning. While their emphasis on education as primarily a job preparation tool is debatable, the idea that “mentoring, training, and the learning … Continue reading

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Icon to Symbol: A Change in Homo sapiens

            Over 100,000 years ago, Home sapiens were an iconic culture (Barham, 2002). For this paper, an iconic culture is one that uses conventional interpretations for images. For example, a picture of the sun can … Continue reading

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Commentary 1: Technology Second

In James O’Donnell’s The Virtual Library: An Idea Whose Time has Passed O’Donnell brings up the idea that the most powerful way to use computers is not to find problems that computers can solve, but rather to look for a … Continue reading

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Evolution of Technology I view technology as something that has a practical application for humans. Technology is evoluionary in two ways: 1.The use of a technology evolves to different uses as humans learn to use it. For example in the attached clip … Continue reading

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The Tool of Text

Text is definitely a tool. It allows us to communicate, to express ourselves, and to share. It simultaneously has significantly personal meaning and cultural significance. I think the easiest way to identify text as a technology is to look at how … Continue reading

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Texting, All Three

Hi everyone! My name is Garth and I am a student in the Educational Psychology, Technology in Education department at the University of Alberta. I chose this image because I am fascinated with how mobile technology is changing the way … Continue reading

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