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One of the courses I teach at Grande Prairie Regional College is Microsoft Word Expert level. I usually have a wide range of experience in my class and I often find myself struggling with how to keep the more experience students engaged while I introduce some of the more basic concepts of Word to the less experienced students. I’ve come up with the idea of introducing some of the students to Google Docs so that they can learn a new ‘software’ while the other students are learning a Word for the first time.

I like Google Docs because it can be used anywhere no matter what type of software the computer you are working on has. As a learning tool it allows for great collaboration, while allowing the teacher to maintain a facilitator role.

I designed my lesson around the cognitive apprenticeship model and have shared the general idea of the lesson on Prezi that you can find here. I’ve also allowed access for anyone to edit. If you feel like adding or updating anything I have on my Prezi then feel free.

I love, love, love Google Docs because it simply takes some of the learning potential of Web 2.0, and specifically social media, and adds it to software that educators are already familiar with. Software like word editing programs, or presentation software.

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  1. Steph says:

    Hi Garth,

    I like how you gave an overview of each section before zooming in on the individual parts of the section. I will try that next time.


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