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We become Hypertext

As we continue to restructure our reality through telling stories, using text to structure thought and change our consciousness, connecting through vast global networks of data flows, erasing time and space and creating a new reality based on searchable databases … Continue reading

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Ken’s Digital Story experimentation – Rip.Mix.Feed

After reading about digital stories in our course readings I was intrigued and wanted to experiment.  It was also a creative journey that allowed me to test the various theories of the technology of text, outbreak of the visual and … Continue reading

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Commentary 3: Web 2.0 Digital Stories and Distributed Cognition

In the digital space of flows, where ideas collide and coincide across a fluid state of chaos within data streams across the nodes of our network society, there exists a new level of creativity impacting global society.  Like sparks of … Continue reading

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Commentary 2: The Breakout of the Visual, Ocularcentrism and Multimodal Hypermediated Spaces of Knowledge

The sun, that all-seeing eye of the heavens associated with gods in the mythologies of the ancients, brought light to civilizations and thus was associated with knowledge.  As Icarus and Daedalus flew towards the sun, were they not seeking higher … Continue reading

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The Invention of the Telegraph

“I’ll put a girdle round about the earth in forty minutes.”                                      (Midsummer Night’s Dream, ii. 2.) The dream of traversing the globe, thereby … Continue reading

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The Technology of Text and Writing

Speech echoes within the self, and is based on immediate thoughts, built upon interior structures and resonating in the present moment of dynamic sound.  Yet, in order to move beyond the “now” and the limitations of immediacy within a limited … Continue reading

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“Man acts as though he were the shaper and master of language, while in fact language remains the master of man.” -Martin Heiddegger Lyric Portrait 2nd Attempt by Chris Wicks Text is the interface through which we explore our thoughts … Continue reading

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“We ask [ of the computer ] not just about where we stand in nature, but about where we stand in the world of artefact. We search for a link between who we are and what we have made, between … Continue reading

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Our Digital Selves

Photo by Katie Lips Title: WRO 05 Hi everyone. My name is Ken Buis and this is my 9th MET course…almost there! I chose this photo because it reminds me that technology changes the way we view ourselves, and the … Continue reading

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