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From Handwriting to Typewriting

“It is probable that longhand will persist-at least until inventions have made the typewriter as easy to carry as a pen or pencil and within financial reach of all.” Alice E. Benbow, 1925 (as cited in Templin, 1960, p. 164) … Continue reading

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A Critique of Postman’s View of Technology and Schooling

In his book Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, Postman cautions against what he views as a prevailing movement towards a society where technology is increasingly in control of humanity (1992). He describes a world where technology is widely … Continue reading

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Neil Postman’s Technological Determinism

Postman (1992) uses an excerpt from Plato’s Phaedrus in which Thamus, a king of a great city of Upper Egypt, criticises Theuth’s invention of writing, as a starting point for his discussion on the influence of technology on society in … Continue reading

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Paradox and Tension in Theories of Orality, Text and Technology

Paradox is defined as contradiction or conflict with statements that are reasonable or possible. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)  Theories surrounding the nature of orality, text and technology is rife with paradox. It is through illuminating paradox that we become comfortable with … Continue reading

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Reflection – module 2

How might an understanding of the possible differences in the thought processes exhibited in oral and literate cultures inform teaching practices at all levels (especially the practices used in teaching young children who are preliterate, as well as adults who … Continue reading

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