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Rote to Note – From Slate to Notebook

The shift in tools and technologies from personal slate to personal notebook resulted in changes in thinking, teaching and learning. This research paper investigated the tools, technologies, contexts and impacts of this shift from ROTE to NOTE. To view the research … Continue reading

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A Critique of Postman’s View of Technology and Schooling

In his book Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, Postman cautions against what he views as a prevailing movement towards a society where technology is increasingly in control of humanity (1992). He describes a world where technology is widely … Continue reading

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Neil Postman’s Technological Determinism

Postman (1992) uses an excerpt from Plato’s Phaedrus in which Thamus, a king of a great city of Upper Egypt, criticises Theuth’s invention of writing, as a starting point for his discussion on the influence of technology on society in … Continue reading

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Paradox and Tension in Theories of Orality, Text and Technology

Paradox is defined as contradiction or conflict with statements that are reasonable or possible. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)  Theories surrounding the nature of orality, text and technology is rife with paradox. It is through illuminating paradox that we become comfortable with … Continue reading

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Ecology of Orality

The gradual shift from orality to literacy has been much discussed and marveled at. It is fascinating to see how orality dominated the human culture for so long and then was over taken by literacy. Now many call orality primitive … Continue reading

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Technology can’t be an alibi for bad teaching

One of my favourite quotes is Tony Bates’ statement on the relationship between technology and teaching: “Good teaching may overcome a poor choice of technology but technology will never save bad teaching.” (source: http://www.tonybates.ca/) Bridget quoted Vincent Jansen’s definition of … Continue reading

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Steph(anie) Tobin

By: Jrew Bickel Posted on Flickr by: William Couch Hello, My name is Steph Tobin. I teach grade 2/3 French Immersion in Kelowna, B.C. I chose this image because in my classroom, I sometimes ask my students to draw their … Continue reading

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