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Reflections and Connections

I would like to echo Everton’s sentiment that this course has indeed been an epic journey. I would also like to express my gratitude to colleagues who have enriched this learning experience. Today, a friend of mine posted her first … Continue reading

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Through Death and Rebirth

My final project, Through Death and Rebirth, is a series of stories exploring the changes to how the story of death is told through changing text technologies over time. Enjoy

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Julie’s Resource Collection

I am in my last term of the MET program so I have collected and tested a few technologies along the way. One key point that I learned from ETEC 565 was that it’s important to think about why you … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Penny Newspaper

There is something to be said about the importance of stories on loose newsprint which contrast against the more rigorous stories bound in books. Ong (1982) argues that the technology of books allowed the author to take a single point … Continue reading

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Commentary 1 – Thought Processes

To answer the question, What effects has writing had on human thought processes? I went back to investigate the emergence of the concept of the environmental impact on human cognition. Nell (1999) postulates that this idea emerged in Marxist thought, … Continue reading

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Information Technology

I think that the intersection of text and technology is tightly correlated to Information Technology but the Information Technology becomes relevent only when the text becomes understood to be information. So, in keeping with the above definition, we are then … Continue reading

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The Dynamics of Text

Any time I think of text Michael Wesch comes to mind for his works on YouTube Anthropology. If you haven’t seen it then it is worth watching, all 56 minutes of it here. Even though YouTube is a video platform … Continue reading

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Change is Constant

I’m fascinated by the intersection of information, communications, and educational technologies. My undergrad degree is in computer information systems, my post grad is in communications and this term will mark the end of my educational technology masters degree. Before my … Continue reading

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