I really enjoyed watching the tag cloud on the side of the community blog grow over the semester.  Pretty impressive list now!  I didn’t spend as much time here as I would have liked, but I certainly found everyone’s posts interesting.  I thought it was especially interesting to see how different people chose to look at the same subject.  For example, here is a post by Andrew Jevne and another by Ken Buis on the change from text to image.  Andrew takes the view that the two modalities are competing against each other whereas Ken focusses more on the transformation taking place.

This course was all about change, so many of the posts had this theme.  With an interest in history, I found this theme resonated with my thoughts.  One of my favourite posts was by Doug Connery entitled “Creatures of Habit and Agents of Change.”  I liked his post because it spoke to how social change may have affected a particular person.  Sometimes we forget that things are changing as we go about our daily lives.  However, that’s getting harder and harder to ignore as the rate of change accelerates.

As a quality improvement consultant, my job is all about change.  I have just begun a career in this area, so I see a learning curve looming!  I’m very eager to delve more into how to make social change happen rather than be a mere bystander.

This course has expanded my thinking on history, text, images, multimedia and the relationships among them all.  It’s been very enlightening to say the least!

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