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Information and Media Literacy in Post Secondary Education

New literacy in the Digital Age: understanding the dynamics of needed information and media competencies in a post-secondary educational setting. Introduction As we progress through the early stages of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing a dramatic change in the … Continue reading

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The Invention of Photography

Introduction Photography was invented in the early 1800’s but the concepts of the two main components of photography: the camera and light sensitive chemicals, were known much earlier. By the late 1800’s photography was more than an invention, it had … Continue reading

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Commentary on Kevin Kelly’s “Scan this Book”

I chose to do a commentary on Kevin Kelly’s article entitled, “Scan This Book” in which he addresses the implications of Google’s plan to digitize all of the world’s books and house them in one searchable database. In the past, … Continue reading

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The Power of the Written Word

When I think of text, I think of the power of the written word. For example, text has been used to bring about change with letter campaigns as well to spread knowledge and culture across time and space. To me, … Continue reading

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