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Reflections on the journey

In the first two modules of our course, we used Walter Ong’s 1981 text Orality and Literacy as a catalyst for discussion. It initiated a significant shift in my way of thinking about literacy, not as simply the ability to … Continue reading

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We become Hypertext

As we continue to restructure our reality through telling stories, using text to structure thought and change our consciousness, connecting through vast global networks of data flows, erasing time and space and creating a new reality based on searchable databases … Continue reading

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Reflections and Connections

I would like to echo Everton’s sentiment that this course has indeed been an epic journey. I would also like to express my gratitude to colleagues who have enriched this learning experience. Today, a friend of mine posted her first … Continue reading

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Making Connections

It is reaching the time of the end of my participation in the MET program. During this journey I have learned enormously about Education and Technology… not only about these fields but also about the cultural transformations that we are … Continue reading

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Making Connections

A major theme of this term has been remediation. Gordana Jugo refers to Bolter’s concept of (2001) remediation as “a newer technology taking place of (an) older technology but keeping some characteristics of (the) older technology while reorganizing and improving other … Continue reading

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connection and reflection

Making connection and reflection What an epic journey this has been! When I just started out, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. However, after delving in the rich discussions and readings, I was naturally drawn to the … Continue reading

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Information and Media Literacy in Post Secondary Education

New literacy in the Digital Age: understanding the dynamics of needed information and media competencies in a post-secondary educational setting. Introduction As we progress through the early stages of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing a dramatic change in the … Continue reading

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Unwired Curriculum in a Wired World

There is a growing sentiment in our society that today’s students need to be multiliterate, in order to be successful, functioning members of society. Literacy today means something quite different than it did 700 years ago. To be literate in … Continue reading

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Tension Between the Visual and the Verbal

Here is my Major Project, which explores the changing relationship between text and image from the medieval to the digital age. Introduction The relationship between the visual and textual elements used in representation has changed in the time from the … Continue reading

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Final Project: Social Semiotic Theory of Multimodality

To publish my project, I explored with the blogging tool Serendipity. Please visit my space here, where you will find my theoretical paper, my concept map, and a few other resources related to my topic. The story of how I installed … Continue reading

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Through Death and Rebirth

My final project, Through Death and Rebirth, is a series of stories exploring the changes to how the story of death is told through changing text technologies over time. Enjoy

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Commentary #3 – Alexander’s Web 2.0: A New Wave of Innovation for Teaching and Learning? and Web 2.0: Storytelling, Emergence of a New Genre

Alexander (2008) defines the Web 2.0 as a way of creating Web pages focusing on microcontent and social connections between people, which exemplify that digital content can be copied, moved, altered, remixed, and linked, based on the needs, interests and … Continue reading

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Multiliteracies & the Marginalized

This was a fun project, at least once I got over my hesitancy about submitting something in this format!  It was an interesting journey building this concept map, but it satisfied my need for text plus a desire to try … Continue reading

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Hypertext and Constructivism

Link Me a Story – Hypertext as Constructivist Learning Tool Children ask their parents or teachers to ‘tell me a story’. Storytelling is a part of our human nature. It is a “fundamental instrument of thought.” (Mark Turner as quoted in … Continue reading

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Commentary #3 – The imperative of developing critical media literacy skills

     Kellner and Share’s article “Toward critical media literacy: Core concepts, debates, organizations, and policy” (2005) focuses on the imperative need for new pedagogical approaches and strategies to help students develop critical media literacy skills.  They state that “Critical media … Continue reading

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Commentary #3 – Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Are we designing social futures in Canada?

                                                         Pedagogy of Multiliteracies In 1996, the New London Group created a manifesto … Continue reading

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Ken’s Digital Story experimentation – Rip.Mix.Feed

After reading about digital stories in our course readings I was intrigued and wanted to experiment.  It was also a creative journey that allowed me to test the various theories of the technology of text, outbreak of the visual and … Continue reading

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Why Professor Johnny Can’t Read: Understanding the Net Generation’s Texts

I chose to do a commentary on “Why professor Johnny Can’t Read: Understanding the Net Generation’s Texts”, by Mark Mabrito and Rebecca Medley. In their essay, they compared the learning styles of the Net Generation (born after 1982) to the … Continue reading

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The Influence of Text Technologies on Politics

Text has influenced society’s political landscape throughout history. To describe this affect of text, Bulwer-Lytton (1839) in his play decreed, “The pen is mightier than the sword” (p 52). Text and how text is disseminated continues to influence politics as … Continue reading

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Major Project – Digitization of Apprenticeship Training

Here is my final project.  It is entitled “Digitization of Apprenticeship Training”.  In this presentation, I will be talking about how workplace training has changed through history.  Workplace training is different than other educational topics in that its primary goal … Continue reading

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