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More Remediations to Come

This has been one of the more enjoyable courses I have taken.  I do not think we spend enough time considering some of the major human accomplishments that still have an effect on us today.  Our transition from orality to … Continue reading

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Multiliteracies: To Be Continued…

Bryan Alexander’s (2006) article entitled Web 2.0: A New Wave for Teaching and Learning looks at a number of Web 2.0 concepts, projects and practices including some of the issues and implications for education.  While perhaps emergent at the time … Continue reading

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RipMixFeed – Redecorate!

Now anyone can redecorate their homes! I was amazed at the simplicity of creating a floor design using Gliffy, an online diagramming service.  According to the site, “Gliffy” comes from the word “glyph”, a pictograph or symbol that communicates information … Continue reading

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Traumatic Remediations

“Digital technology is turning out to be one of the more traumatic remediations in the history of Western writing.”      J. David Bolter, 2001, p.24 I was struck by J. David Bolter’s (2001) casual mention of digital writing technology as a … Continue reading

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Pen and Paper

 A Brief History of the Pen and Paper Writing with pen and paper can be traced back to Greece where writers used a stylus made of metal, bone or ivory (Bellis, 2011). These were used on beeswax wax-coated tablets made … Continue reading

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Danielle’s Ong Commentary

I have chosen to write a commentary on Ong’s (1982) fourth chapter entitled Writing Restructures Consciousness because I am finding the history of writing fascinating and I wanted to explore the questions surrounding the human motivation to write as well … Continue reading

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Today Outside my window, a new dawn I can see and only I can divine, the kind of day it will be. It can be thrilling and bold, eventful and daring, or daunting and cold, grim and uncaring. My own … Continue reading

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It is up to us.

“Globalization, as defined by rich people like us, is a very nice thing… you are talking about the Internet, you are talking about cell phones, you are talking about computers. This doesn’t affect two-thirds of the people of the world.” … Continue reading

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To Eat One’s Words

A student recently told me that he read the world was going to end in two weeks. A comet was going to align with Earth creating a catastrophic earthquake and we would cease to exist. My first thought was, “darn, … Continue reading

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