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Making Connections

It is reaching the time of the end of my participation in the MET program. During this journey I have learned enormously about Education and Technology… not only about these fields but also about the cultural transformations that we are … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 and cultural transformations

Today learners use words in different formats (e.g., on paper, images, audio files, weblogs, video editors, web editors, presentation software, instant messaging etc). All these formats can be integrated within one product when users interact through Web 2.0. According to … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Tools

I must say I have had little time during these weeks, but I have been having so much fun by exploring all the tools that are suggested in this forum and on the course blog. The one I most enjoyed … Continue reading

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Angela’s RipMixFeed

I have created a webslides through Diigo for this activity. Following you will see my RipMixFeed bookmark list: Youtube I use Youtube for searching and sharin interesting videos related to the feilds of my courses. I also use Youtube to … Continue reading

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Comentary # 2: Hypertext as the Remediation of Print

In the Chapter “Writing as a Technology” Bolter argues that our technical relationship to the writing space takes place between readers and writers. Literacy is the realization that language can have both a visual and an aural dimension as the … Continue reading

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Impact of Television on History Education

The invention of Television (TV) has provoked an enormous impact on culture and society. Since the beginning of its development until today it has been pushing profound changes in humans’ thinking. As it is a technology that stimulates attention, fosters … Continue reading

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Commentary #1: Determined by technology or determined by our actions

Postman’s article, The Judgement of Thamus (Postman, 1993), illustrates how new technologies alter our conception of reality. This transformation is an ecological change. The intrusion of a new technology involves an entire culture and context. It is not possible to … Continue reading

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By Matt Delbridge After searching for various definitions about the term technology I learned that all these terms do not have a unique meaning. Yet, in my search it appeared in repeated occasions the following terms: art, skills, product and construct.  … Continue reading

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From the various definitions of the terms text and technology that I found during the last week I got to the conclusion that text is related to technology, as it is a type of technology. Both terms are related to … Continue reading

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Angela’s image

Hello Everyone, my name is Angela Novoa and I am writing you from Santiago, Chile. This is my 9th course at the MET program and I am also taking ETEC 522, wishing to finish all my courses on December and … Continue reading

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