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Making Connections: The Economics of Text

In the course ETEC 511 Foundations of Educational Technology one of the aspects of educational technology we have studied was economics. To be honest, I’m not especially interested in economics, but it is a necessity of life. That’s the reason … Continue reading

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Digital Literacy in the 21st Century

Inadequacy of traditional definitions of literacy In the 1980s, when personal computers became widespread used for word processing, the world of print and corresponding notion of literacy were seriously challenged. It seemed to be obvious that traditional definitions of literacy … Continue reading

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Inspired by George Siemens who has recently visited Croatia

Here is the result of my experiments with Diigo WebSlides:

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Invention of Blackboard and Chalk

Introduction Blackboard and chalk have become symbols of traditional teacher-centred classroom, unwillingness to change and technological inferiority of schools. There is a story comparing teacher and surgeon who lived two hundred years ago. If they would come from the past, … Continue reading

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Neil Postman’s Technological Determinism

Postman (1992) uses an excerpt from Plato’s Phaedrus in which Thamus, a king of a great city of Upper Egypt, criticises Theuth’s invention of writing, as a starting point for his discussion on the influence of technology on society in … Continue reading

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Technology can’t be an alibi for bad teaching

One of my favourite quotes is Tony Bates’ statement on the relationship between technology and teaching: “Good teaching may overcome a poor choice of technology but technology will never save bad teaching.” (source: Bridget quoted Vincent Jansen’s definition of … Continue reading

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Text Can Save Life

Photo: St Petersburg by Steve White2008 When I started to think what short passage that sheds light on the meaning of text I might use I remembered the sign I read many years ago in St Petersburg. The sign located … Continue reading

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World of Primary Orality

Hi everybody! This image shows a fresco Kiss of Judas in a small Croatian church build in the 13th century – St. Mary of the Rocks in Beram. I’ve chosen this image because it is related to a primary oral … Continue reading

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