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Final Project: Social Semiotic Theory of Multimodality

To publish my project, I explored with the blogging tool Serendipity. Please visit my space here, where you will find my theoretical paper, my concept map, and a few other resources related to my topic. The story of how I installed … Continue reading

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Dealing with (digital) reality: A pedagogy to meet the changing literacy needs of our students

Introduction & Background Rapidly advancing communications technologies including email, online discussion forums, instant messaging, and text messaging along with mixed-mode and graphically-based information presentation strategies call for a re-examination of the traditional concept of literacy and careful consideration of how … Continue reading

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Dennis Pratt- Commentary #2

Gains and Losses: New Forms of Texts, Knowledge, and Learning by Gunther Kress Kress (2005) discusses the “gains and losses” of the communication movement from the traditional linear text to imagery, which he calls the contemporary canvas. As Kress explores … Continue reading

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Commentary on Kress

I chose to do a commentary on Gunther Kress’ article entitled “Gains and Losses: New forms of texts, knowledge, and learning.” The author focuses on the losses that might occur as we move from representation through text to representation through … Continue reading

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Commentary 2: The Breakout of the Visual, Ocularcentrism and Multimodal Hypermediated Spaces of Knowledge

The sun, that all-seeing eye of the heavens associated with gods in the mythologies of the ancients, brought light to civilizations and thus was associated with knowledge.  As Icarus and Daedalus flew towards the sun, were they not seeking higher … Continue reading

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A Commentary on Bolter’s Chapter ” The Breakout of the Visual”

In the chapter called “The Breakout of the Visual”, Bolter (2001) continues to speak about the process of remediation, specifically about the current power struggle between visual media and text. Bolter describes a battle between word and image over which … Continue reading

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