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Making Connections

Making Connections Drawing a line along the path we’ve taken this semester, it is easy to see we’ve covered a lot of ground.  Every element, however, has been thoroughly connected through the common theme of text (including orality as its … Continue reading

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The Development of the Electronic Book

***This is a second draft of this commentary.  I frustratingly lost my first one after it was done and this is my attempt to reconstitute it from memory! The Kindle, the Nook, the Bebook.  These are but three examples of … Continue reading

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Rip.Mix.Feed Examples

A few examples of my favourite social media tools.  Word clouds are very popular and it seems most people prefer to use wordle.  I’ve been using Taxedo, found at Here’s an example of our “digital footprint”.  This was created … Continue reading

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Commentary 2: Response to Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think”

Published in 1945, but originally written in 1939, Vannevar Bush’s article, “As We May Think”, is a fantastical description of an imaginary information machine called the “Memex” (Buckland, 1992) (Bush, 1945).  Bush argued that existing methods of transmitting and reviewing … Continue reading

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The Socio, Cultural and Psychological Effects of the Telephone

     In an increasingly globally connected world one could argue that no other technological advancement had had such an effect on the ‘shrinking world’, at its inception, as the creation of the telephone.  The ability to cast one’s voice … Continue reading

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Commentary 1: Developmental Theory and Cultural Literacies

A child is born into the world without any understanding of oral or written literacy.  Much like literate cultures can trace their understandings back to an oral tradition, children are not naturally predisposed to the ability to read or write.  … Continue reading

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Text as Technology

Black Robe Clip* As seen in this clip from the film “Black Robe”*, text is clearly a technology – and one which people did not always have. An inherent distrust of what is misunderstood can also be seen in the … Continue reading

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Mark Barrett – Shakespeare and Papyrus

Hi all.  My name is Mark Barrett and this is my 9th MET course.  I’m also taking 590 and thus these are my final 3 months (providing I don’t fail!) of completing my masters.  I am a high school teacher … Continue reading

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