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Making Connections: Web 2.0 hypertext unifies minds

In this final reflection, I want to connect some of my own thoughts to key blog posts made by fellow students in this course regarding the association between writing technologies and the mind, specifically Web 2.0 hypertext and writing and … Continue reading

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Why is richer hypertext not a reality on the web?

Introduction It is clear that the World Wide Web and Hypertext has its roots in several pursuits most notably those outlined by H. G. Wells (1938), Vannevar Bush (1945), Joseph Licklider (1960, 1963), Theodore Nelson (1963, 1999) and Douglas Englebart … Continue reading

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Rip, Mix, Feed: Interactive tag clouds of course articles

Here are some interactive tag clouds from some of the readings in ETEC 540.  You can click on any word to open a new window and search Google on that term. (Note:  I could not embed the interactive version of … Continue reading

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From Handwriting to Typewriting

“It is probable that longhand will persist-at least until inventions have made the typewriter as easy to carry as a pen or pencil and within financial reach of all.” Alice E. Benbow, 1925 (as cited in Templin, 1960, p. 164) … Continue reading

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Commentary #1 – Orality and Literacy, Chapter 4: Writing Restructures Consciousness

It is quite likely that Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy (1982) has a broad readership among a multitude of disciplines including linguists, educators, historians, philosophers, and so forth.  My own background in psychology afforded me a cognitive and neuropsychological lens … Continue reading

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We are tools of our tools…

My understanding of the word technology continues to expand and that is a good thing. Being asked to distinguish between text and technology through these postings has been a challenge. I think I said something to this effect about text, … Continue reading

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Text could be… anything on flickr

My understanding of the word text is continuously changing. Being asked to distinguish between text and technology through these postings has been a challenge. I could have picked any image on flickr to be representative of text. I picked the … Continue reading

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Photo: “Paper Bits Sketches” by Josh DiMauro. This photo is Creative Commons licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Hello all! I am seeing a number of familiar names in this course so it will be very cool to reconnect … Continue reading

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