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Digital Literacy in the 21st Century

Inadequacy of traditional definitions of literacy In the 1980s, when personal computers became widespread used for word processing, the world of print and corresponding notion of literacy were seriously challenged. It seemed to be obvious that traditional definitions of literacy … Continue reading

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Making Connections: We can do it.

I have been interested in how technology, and more specifically mobile technology, has been affecting and changing the way our students communicate and interact with each other for some time now. After this taking this course I realize that I … Continue reading

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Creatures of Habit and Agents of Change

We are creatures of habit. This course is all about change, changing our habits and providing some knowledge to help others change. Text Technologies: The changing spaces of reading and writing – I think I now know what the title … Continue reading

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Information and Media Literacy in Post Secondary Education

New literacy in the Digital Age: understanding the dynamics of needed information and media competencies in a post-secondary educational setting. Introduction As we progress through the early stages of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing a dramatic change in the … Continue reading

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Commentary 3 – Web 2.0: Creating New Students and New Educators

            Schools are equipped with computers and wifi, and students are coming to school as experts in these new technologies (Alexander, 2008). As students become more expert at web 2.0 tools such as blogging, social … Continue reading

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Purposefully transferring the power of Web 2.0 to the classroom

Introduction The World Wide Web has been transformed over the past two decades from an emergent environment mimicking print-based non-digital predecessors, to a living, breathing, evolving global community in which the distinction between author and audience is progressively less and … Continue reading

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Inspired by George Siemens who has recently visited Croatia

Here is the result of my experiments with Diigo WebSlides: http://slides.diigo.com/widget/slides?sid=52111

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The Dictionary – Ripped Mixed and Fed

I thought I would take this opportunity to follow through on my original idea of making my research project into a video. I didn’t have time before that deadline, so I took the time for this assignment! I used PowerPoint … Continue reading

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Opaque and Overhead Projector Technologies

For this assignment, I worked to study and contrast opaque and overhead projector technologies in the history of education. I also experimented with developing a hypertext version of my paper. You can explore my assignment 3 online space here!

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The Dictionary & Education

What classroom would be complete without a dictionary?  Even hundreds of years ago, this may have seemed impossible.  The dictionary has always been an educational tool for enquiring minds.  People use them to learn languages, check spellings, look up meanings, … Continue reading

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Rote to Note – From Slate to Notebook

The shift in tools and technologies from personal slate to personal notebook resulted in changes in thinking, teaching and learning. This research paper investigated the tools, technologies, contexts and impacts of this shift from ROTE to NOTE. To view the research … Continue reading

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Radio to Television

Introduction Radio and television, which often have been used for its entertainment value has had a great impact in society.  Their communicative value is quite substantial and both in their unique way have influenced people in a variety of ways.  … Continue reading

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The Rise of Text Books in Education

One of the ubiquitous icons of education is the textbook. It symbolizes the presence of consistent, reliable knowledge, which has led to creation of metaphors like “‘it was a textbook takeoff’ and ‘it was all done by the textbook’ (Crawford, … Continue reading

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