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Thoroughly Remediated!

Thinking about connections, I think probably the key connection that has helped bring sense to all we have discussed is “remediation.” Through the contributions of everyone in the course, I think it is fair to say that my understanding of … Continue reading

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Unwired Curriculum in a Wired World

There is a growing sentiment in our society that today’s students need to be multiliterate, in order to be successful, functioning members of society. Literacy today means something quite different than it did 700 years ago. To be literate in … Continue reading

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Multiliteracies & the Marginalized

This was a fun project, at least once I got over my hesitancy about submitting something in this format!  It was an interesting journey building this concept map, but it satisfied my need for text plus a desire to try … Continue reading

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Learning Theories and the Pedagogy of Multiliteracies

Introduction In its 1996 Manifesto, the New London Group examined the radical changes in the personal, public and working lives of people which were being propelled by globalization, technological evolutions, and increasing cultural and social diversity. They laid out pedagogical … Continue reading

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Dealing with (digital) reality: A pedagogy to meet the changing literacy needs of our students

Introduction & Background Rapidly advancing communications technologies including email, online discussion forums, instant messaging, and text messaging along with mixed-mode and graphically-based information presentation strategies call for a re-examination of the traditional concept of literacy and careful consideration of how … Continue reading

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