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What a Journey!

What a journey! We celebrated the richness of orality, its alluring qualities, and then its remediation through text. We realized that our fears of change have existed for throughout history when we read Postman and then realized how well text … Continue reading

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Learning Theories and the Pedagogy of Multiliteracies

Introduction In its 1996 Manifesto, the New London Group examined the radical changes in the personal, public and working lives of people which were being propelled by globalization, technological evolutions, and increasing cultural and social diversity. They laid out pedagogical … Continue reading

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Successful Movie Making

Well, Here is the movie version of the Powerpoint I shared in SlideShare earlier. I was trying to link via Vista but it was acting up. I have also embedded it on my class blog for my students.

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I love using Wordle. In class I use it to practice science terminology. Students love it. I have also used it for character analysis during novel studies. Last year the students posted their Wordle on the Class Blog. The biggest … Continue reading

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SlideShare Experiment

Hi All, Tried SlideShare with a PowerPoint presentation I made for the Remembrance Day Assembly last week. Quick and easy! Next step will be to add sound! Still can’t embed though! Where the Mind is Without Fear View more presentations … Continue reading

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Is Homeostatis exclusive to Orality?

Introduction Ong posits that orality is homeostatic (Ong, 1982) and uses this characteristic to distinguish it from literacy. He defines homeostatis as the ability of orality to live in the present by “sloughing off memories which no longer have present … Continue reading

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The Rise of Text Books in Education

One of the ubiquitous icons of education is the textbook. It symbolizes the presence of consistent, reliable knowledge, which has led to creation of metaphors like “‘it was a textbook takeoff’ and ‘it was all done by the textbook’ (Crawford, … Continue reading

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Ecology of Orality

The gradual shift from orality to literacy has been much discussed and marveled at. It is fascinating to see how orality dominated the human culture for so long and then was over taken by literacy. Now many call orality primitive … Continue reading

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Technology – a handy tool

Technology Is Not Always Innovative Technology is the means – a tool – to help us achieve our goals. But I think we gradually get so used to technology and we do not even think of it as innovation. It … Continue reading

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The Need for Text

The reason one writes isn’t the fact he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say. by                                                               F. Scott Fitzgerald Reading Ong has made me very curious about orality and how it transitioned to literacy. That is why … Continue reading

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Text evolving through Technology

  Hi All, My name is Jasmeet Virk and this is my 6th MET course. I am a grade 4 teacher in Kelowna, B.C and loving every minute of the MET program.   I choose this picture because I have wondered … Continue reading

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