I love using Wordle. In class I use it to practice science terminology. Students love it. I have also used it for character analysis during novel studies. Last year the students posted their Wordle on the Class Blog. The biggest issue is the small size of the embed, so we often print our Wordles and then share in class and get feedback.

Wordle: Orality

Here is an enlarged version, but it loses clarity

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2 Responses to Wordle

  1. Steph says:

    Wordle is so user friendly. I like it because my young grade 2-3 students can easily create beautiful designs to show their understanding of a variety of concepts. Even younger students could use it to practise vocabulary about their theme of the month.

  2. HJDeW says:

    One of the ‘go-to’ tools in my e-toolkit! There is even a way to capture all the words on any particular website or blog and render them into Wordle, thus bringing forward any particular bias in content. I tried this with my own blog to see what the main topics or concepts were and was quite surprised, in a good way, to see the most frequently used words and terms.

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